New sculpture finished!

This piece, which I spent almost two months making, is almost finished. Still working on the finishing touches and professional photography, but here are some working images. I also made a movie of the whole process, will post soon. This is in St. John’s, outside of Portland, Oregon, at the Green Anchors Sculpture Park.

Stills1IMG_1488 IMG_1482 IMG_1483 IMG_1484 IMG_1487

New Sculpture in Progress

photo 5 photo 4 IMG_5561IMG_5975

This piece is in St. John’s, outside of Portland, Oregon, as part of the Green Anchors Artist Residency Program.

Opening reception is Saturday, September 13 from noon to 6pm. Email me for info if you are planning to attend and I’ll send directions. We’re making a time-lapse movie of the installation!

Review from of Greenwood Gardens exhibition

Staring an artist residency in Portland, OR this week. Photos and video to come soon. In the meantime, here’s a review of the Greenwood Garden’s show that I have a piece in:


Sculpture at Greenwood Gardens

Sculpture installed at Greenwood Gardens, NJ

Sculpture installed at Greenwood Gardens, NJ

De-Installing a sculpture

Or, how to store 10 tons of plaster.

One week at Yaddo

2 new started
8 small 7″ X 7″
7 small 15″ X15″
Added a third panel to the large drawing






New panel on the big drawing
One small drawing done




Day 3

Snow, rain, no playing outside.
Progress and some finished





End of day one