Wrap up: DUMBO Arts Festival and my new sculpture

It was a quick weekend.  By Monday morning, vandals had done some work on the piece and I didn’t get the perfect photos that I hoped for.  However, here’s some other images of my newest sculpture Factions (Fact-Fictions).   In other news, my Kickstarter campaign for the La Havre residency was successful and I’m off to France in less than two weeks for three months of drawing.  Hurray!

New Piece, First Images and a Title!

Yesterday was the first day of the DUMBO Arts Festival and the number of people out walking around was astounding.  Here’s the first images of my new piece, titled Factions (Fact-Fictions).

DUMBO Arts Festival – Day 2

Installation started Monday and I got rained out on Tuesday, but here are the first images.  If you live in the NYC area, come to the festival this weekend!

My Kickstarter Campaign: Day 16

Day 16 of 30:  $3200 raised through incredible generosity of friends, family and art lovers.  $1800 to go.  Please help me get the word out and help if you can.  I only get the pledged donations if the goal of $5000 is achieved.  Your support matters.


I’m going to La Havre to draw about my experiences as a New York artist in France.  I don’t know how to explain how important this is to me.   This is a gift of time.  I could not ask for a more precious thing and I am humbled and honored by the opportunity that the city of La Havre and Triangle Arts NYC has offered me.  Thank you to all those who have already contributed.