New Sculpture in Progress

photo 5 photo 4 IMG_5561IMG_5975

This piece is in St. John’s, outside of Portland, Oregon, as part of the Green Anchors Artist Residency Program.

Opening reception is Saturday, September 13 from noon to 6pm. Email me for info if you are planning to attend and I’ll send directions. We’re making a time-lapse movie of the installation!

Wrap up: DUMBO Arts Festival and my new sculpture

It was a quick weekend.  By Monday morning, vandals had done some work on the piece and I didn’t get the perfect photos that I hoped for.  However, here’s some other images of my newest sculpture Factions (Fact-Fictions).   In other news, my Kickstarter campaign for the La Havre residency was successful and I’m off to France in less than two weeks for three months of drawing.  Hurray!

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Sculpture Installation by Karlis Rekevics © 2008